There’s Never Been A Better Time To Quit Smoking

If you are a cigarette smoker, the number one best thing you can ever do for your health is quit. That’s true every day of every year since cigarettes were first invented.

But it’s especially important right now. Health organizations all over the world are lobbying to have tobacco production stopped during the Coronavirus pandemic. They think the world’s 1.3 billion smokers are all at high risk, and that smokers are more likely to develop a severe case of the disease.

The majority of our customers are ex-smokers, as are lots of our team members. So we want to give you some advice on quitting.

We won’t just tell you to switch to vaping. It might not be right for you.

But we want you to try these quitting methods in this post until you find something that keeps you away from cigarettes. Not just until you’re out of lockdown. Not just until there’s a coronavirus vaccine. Forever.

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